Keron Erwin Morris

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Communication, Public Relations & Marketing Guru


"Great ability develops and reveals itself increasingly with every new assignment."

- Baltasar Gracian


I am the consummate communication professional, having expertise in all areas of communication theory and practice - from research to planning, right through to implementation.

I have over ten (10) years of working experience in communication and project management, with special emphasis on public relations, corporate & product branding, information dissemination, marketing, stakeholder dialogue and social reporting (corporate social responsibility).

Over the years, I have garnered sound communication skills, from having worked within the sectors of Banking (Marketing, PR); Fast Moving Consumer Goods (Corporate Communications); Government (Communication Consultancy); Academia (Lecturing/Tutoring); Media (Producing Radio Talk Show); Multimedia (Writing Content, Developing Websites and Graphics), and Non-Governmental Organization (Project Management and Communication Consultancy).

Getting the job done well, on time and within budget, are my guiding principles.

...Committed to excellence!

I embrace life, and all the good things that it has to offer! My philosophy is that it is important for persons to identify their true purpose in life, so that they can commit themselves to realizing their full potential and achieve personal fulfillment.